Artecultura, Il Quadrato,Mondadori, a.c.c.a in... Arte, Senza Titolo, Without Title, Boè, Flash international, Arte…e…Arte, Corriere di Siena.
Reviews: T. Dell’Arco, T. Severi, M.Serchi, G.Cencetti, S.Panciera, D.Bellaccini, E.Macas, S. Venuti, Magali Berck. E. Fabiani.



“Accustomed as we are to viewing artistic free expression; it is rare to come across an artistic who can still represent the power of the Medieval Age:
But here we see it: an artist with a refined and specialised sense of imagery: She has chosen a strong language to revive, more than depict the soul of Great Antiquity. A spectral form? Perhaps.
But awakening it certainly is.”
Fabiani, From Mondadori. Premio 2000.

“Angela Crucitti casts before us the rhythm of castellated and wedged walls, tinged with chromatics and history fanged.”
(from the exhibition “Omaggio alle città invisibili di Italo Calvino” a cura della Fondazione D’ARS, Florence).

“Angela Crucitti evokes a Byzantine atmosphere: The ancient geometric walls of History are recast and relit with gold; creating a metaphysical rhythm."
(Silvia Venuti: Corriere dell’Arte, sept 2003. “ Omaggio alle città invisibili di Italo Calvino ” a cura della Fondazione D’ARS Libreria internazionale Hoepli, Milano).

“Angela Crucitti always chooses precious substances and materials to work with, creating a luminous effect as if we view her work through a Water Mirror”
(from the exhibition “Quando l’acqua diventa Arte “ a cura della Fondazione D’ARS, Florence).

“Angela Crucitti’s art is an intriguing mixture of water and walls in wich one disappears and the other emerges, and vice versa.
The dissolution between the Earth and Water elements carries us to the ancient philosophies and sacred books, recalling that in the Book of Genesis the Waters were created on the Third Day; likewise in the Tahetes we see that Water is the beginning of Everything; as it possesses the principle of universality.”
(David Bellaccini, Corriere dell’Arte , January 2004).

“The delicate watercolours of Angela Crucitti are washed with blue, reflecting a portion of sky and clouds that emerges with the waters of the sea”.
(Simonetta Panciera, Il Giorno, 29-2-2004).

“Angela Crucitti, tuscan painter, interprets the reflection of water, the watery oils reflect the architectural silhouettes in a Mirror of Water”.
(Simonetta Panciera, Feb. 2004, Galleria 9 Colonne), Milan.